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Mindfulness from the ground up

Step outdoors to celebrate an unconventional union with our new Outdoor Calibration program. Our new style of training marries the principles of biomechanics, athletic mobility, core stability drills, running and yoga. Whether you’re training for your first big run or just keeping up with the pace of life, be confident that each stride we take together, you are moving closer toward your goal.

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45 minutes

Calories Burnt
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Up to 700

Skill Level
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Newbies to advanced runners. Anyone wanting to learn the art of running.

Offered at
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Bligh St

Why is it good for me?

Find your freedom with our outdoor training program that will improve cardiovascular health, build lean muscle mass and increase metabolism. Burn through the calories while boosting your mood.

What will I do?

Feel the ground beneath your feet, breathe deep, and grace through the natural environment as you master the mechanics of mindfulness. Stop counting kilometers and start seeing how far you’ve come. Learn how to build your body up, rather than break it down. Build a rock solid and functional foundation and enjoy the bliss of the runners high. Understand the intelligence behind running like an athlete.

What should I bring?

Less is best as we will be on the move. Bring your water bottle along if you don't feel hydrated enough. Sweat towels on arrival.

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Unfortunately this class is not yet available near you - but check back regularly as we're constantly reviewing the class timetables of our individual clubs.


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