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Cycle™ Coach by Colour

Cycle just got colourful! Work to the power you provide!

Ride a series of instructor led terrains and see your personal fitness gains in front of you! For the first time you will be able to see the work you are generating and your progression class to class. (Recommended you attend a ramp test to identify your FTW (functional threshold watt-rate) to make these classes more accurate, see your instructor on your first class for more details)


30-60 minutes

Calories Burnt

Up to 550

Skill Level

All welcome, this workout is personalised to your own fitness levels

Offered at

Collins St

Why is it good for me?

Using the bikes super awesome technology, the bikes console offers four screens for easy orientation of a wealth of data: WattRate® (Power), heart rate (if using a heart rate monitor), speed, rpm, time, kcals, resistance level and distance. These tools just became your answer to maximum fitness on the bike!

What will I do?

In this state of the art class, the training console vividly displays the user`s WattRate® (Power), to them and their instructor, in five coloured zones. This means no matter what your fitness level, your workout is completely personal to the power you can generate! Your instructor will guide you through these colour zones to work your legs, heart and lungs and progressively increase your power. Your workout just got colourful!

What should I bring?

Cycle can be done in normal workout clothes and shoes, so no specialised cycling gear is required. Cycling shoes with SPD cleats are optional as well as cycling shorts will make the ride more comfortable but they’re not essential. Don’t forget a drink bottle and a sweat towel

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