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Strength Classes

Now here’s a challenge. Power Yoga style classes in this strength category are flowing, dynamic and energetic. They will strengthen and tone your whole body, and you’ll probably even sweat.

From Beginner Yoga to our Advanced Classes, each class is a seamless flow of poses, connected by transitional movements. This flow (called Vinyasa) links every breath with a movement. Controlled breathing helps you keep pace with the sequence, build heat and develop resilience in strong postures. It also turns a simple yoga class into an amazing moving yoga meditation.

After class, you’ll feel energised and uplifted: ready to take on the day (or week).

Why are these classes good for me?

Strength, tone & challenge
Improve balance & coordination
Possible cardiovascular improvements
Increased circulation
Develop resilience

What will I do?

Challenging postures
Flow from one pose to the next
Relax at the end of class

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