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Virgin Active
Moore Park

4 Defries Avenue, Zetland, NSW 2017
(02) 9305 3500


Just a Friendly Reminder

We need space for your feet, please don't take your bag into the studios. Leave them in your locker

No Hashtagging during class. Please leave your phone in your locker

Let me tweet about your feet please wear socks if you do reformer - We sell socks if you need. $15 dollars at reception

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Published on Tuesday 10 October 2017

Night Night sleep Tight

Want to stay up all night? We’ve got your Saturday nights covered. Come to yoga nidra (nidra means sleep) to experience the equivalent of 4 hours deep sleep in just 45 minutes.

Yin Yoga. The ultimate workout compliment. Yin yoga will leave you feeling stretched sand supple, a cross between a bath and a massage!
Tuesday 7pm
Thursday 8.20pm
Friday 11.15am (45 minutes)
Sunday 4.40pm

Published on Monday 9 October 2017


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